Moments Matter
......for the Love of Jerry-atrics!



"I was introduced to Jerry Lynn by a mutual friend. She came highly recommended.  I contacted her for the purpose of designing a thereputic activity program for my assisted living facility.  Jerry was great; very informative ,well versed, experienced and very knowledgeable on the current levels of activities. She really painted a picture that made me look at my clients' activities and needs differently.  Upon arrival she was prompt and introduce herself to staff as well as clients.  SHE WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND! She greeted each client individually.  She got to know them to design activities for their individual needs.  A new client had just been admitted to my facility and was a bit anxious.  Jerry Lynn went out of her way to comfort and talk him since he was in a new enviroment.  Jerry Lynn is great!  She comforts so effortless!  Why?  Beacause it's her gift.  Jerry Lynn always goes ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE EVERY MOMENT MATTER!!!"

                                                                                             Sherry Craig, Administrator

                                                                                             Caring House Assisted Living Facility



"I have known Jerry Lynn for several years now.  I worked with her in a SNF/ALF where she was the Activity Director/Social Service Director and I was the Admission Coordinator.  We worked very well together and she even helped me with some marketing projects.  I later hired Jerry Lynn as an Activity Consultant for the facility were I was working.  She was extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated to creating a quality activities program for the facility and training staff to maintain the program.  I have attended several of Jerry Lynn's Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders classes.  Her energy as an instructor is enlightening and her training modules/curriculum which she has written herself are amazing.  Jerry Lynn is a natural at what she does......and she loves what she does.  Moments Matter really do matter when Jerry Lynn is involved."

                                                                            Rhonda Al-Nahdy, LPN, Assisted Living Administrator